Laser Dentistry

Lasers are used during routine dental procedures every day. In many ways, they can be used to replace traditional dental techniques with a superior result.

Nagel has a Waterlase iplus Er;YSGG laser, which is designed for treating areas of hard tissue like teeth and bone, as well as soft tissue like the gums and cheeks.


What do the laser do?

  • For some people, the laser can be used to perform routine dental procedures without a needle or a drill, including:
    • Fillings, especially on children!
    • Gum surgery or shaping
    • Frenectomies (definition is in next section of periodontal disease)
  • The laser also stimulates your body’s natural healing ability, producing quicker healing times and less infection and inflammation post-op
  • The laser can be used to treat areas of gum (periodontal) disease to encourage healing of the gums and bone

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