Comprehensive Oral Exams & Cancer Screening

Remember - Your long term dental health starts with prevention of disease!

At Horizon Dental, all new patients are offered a comprehensive oral exam where our team will:

  • Review your general health, including taking blood pressure to help screen for heart disease.
  • Review your dental history and concerns.
  • Take digital x-rays (when necessary) to screen for cavities, infections, and periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Check your soft tissues and perform a complimentary oral cancer screening.
  • Check your bite (occlusion) and screen for wear and grinding (bruxism).
  • Evaluate the jaw joints for proper function.

We use modern technology, including:

  • Digital X-ray Sensors and Panorex that deliver low radiation but produce a crisp, detailed image directly to the computer.
  • The Panorex can also be used to take x-rays on people with a severe gag reflex or small children that can’t tolerate average sized x-rays.
  • Intra-oral cameras that take close-up photos and use fluorescence to look for cavities, cracks, and gingivitis.


The simplest, most affordable dental treatment over the long run is to schedule regular visits with your dental hygienist and check-ups with your dentist. At Horizon Dental, we promise to make cleanings easy and painless. Our new ultrasonic instruments gently remove thick tartar and calculus easily and efficiently. We also specialize in providing custom appliances, such as night-guards, sports-guards, fluoride trays, and retainers.

Do you need a night guard?

  • A night guard will provide a barrier between your teeth to help protect from excessive wear if you are “grinding” or “clenching” during your sleep.
  • It also helps re-position the jaw to allow the muscles to relax, which often relieves jaw pain, soreness, and morning headaches.
  • These custom guards can be soft or hard depending on your needs and comfort level.

Do you need a sports guard?

  • If you or your child play any sport with a ball, bat, or stick then YES!
  • A properly fitted sports guard will protect the teeth from permanent loss or breakage, saving you from pain, possible infection, and expensive dental work to repair or replace teeth!
  • It’s proven that a custom-made guard provided by a dentist will provide better protection than a “boil and bite” guard from the store. They are more comfortable and much easier to talk with as well.

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