Children’s Dentistry

The team at Horizon Dental are committed to providing a positive dental experience for you and your child.

We appreciate you trusting us to work with your children and we will strive to give them outstanding quality of care to the best of our ability.

The First Visit Believe it or not, we prefer to see children as early as 1 year old! This gives us an opportunity to introduce them to the dental office without it being a big deal. Typically, most children will go for a chair ride and get a chance to see the dental instruments like the mirror up close. We may not even look at their teeth the first time! It also gives us a chance to talk to parents about nutrition, brushing techniques, and other dos-and-don’ts that can have a big impact on their child’s growth and development. Education is key!

Reducing Fear It is often helpful if parents can avoid the use of words that might cause unnecessary fear such as “needle”, “shot”, “pull”, “drill”, “hurt” or “pain”. Dental technology has advanced a great deal since our own first dental experiences, making many of these concerns obsolete, but it can still be quite easy to transfer our own fears and anxieties to our children Some children will experience anxiety when faced with something new. If they have had a bad dental experience or are very nervous, our goal is to help them overcome this and realize they can do it! We always start with the basics, like the meet-and-greet or chair-ride, then move forward at a pace that’s comfortable for your child. We do utilize a dental laser for some procedures, which can eliminate the need to use a needle, local anesthetic, and/or the dental drill. The application of the laser depends on your child’s unique situation and may not be appropriate for every treatment. If your child is still having trouble cooperating with the dentist, we have other options, such as sedation that can help us to complete treatment.

What children’s services do we offer?

Regular cleanings, nutritional counselling, and reviewing brushing techniques are a must to maintain healthy teeth and prevent dental infections and emergencies with or without sedation, depending on your child’s needs. Treatment can be done in the hospital setting under general anesthesia for children with large treatment needs, very young children, or those with special needs when the work cannot be done safely and efficiently in the office. Our facility is one of the only dental offices in Kamloops dedicated to providing comprehensive dental treatment for children, including:

  • Cleanings
  • Sealants
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Lip & Tongue Tie Releases (Frenectomies)
children dentistry

Lip & Tongue Ties

If your child is suffering from lip or tongue ties please click the Learn More button to see how Dr. Cindy can help address these issues.

children dentistry

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