Let’s “Spring Clean” Your Oral Health


Winter is passing and signs of spring are all around us! Does this inspire you to start spring cleaning your home and yard? Before you grab your bucket, squeegee, and mop, take a moment to think about your dental health routine. Check out these tips to “spring clean” your oral health routine so your smile is healthy, vibrant, and ready for the new season!

1. Start your spring cleaning by replacing your toothbrush!

The American Dental Association recommends you replace your toothbrush (or brush head, if you use an electric toothbrush) every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles become frayed or if you’ve been ill. When was the last time you replaced YOUR toothbrush?

Since we’re on the topic of toothbrushes, here are a few additional spring cleaning tips:

  • Never share your toothbrush.
  • Store toothbrushes upright if possible so they can air-dry faster after use.
  • Rinse your brush thoroughly with tap water after use.
  • Invest in a UV sanitizer to extend the lifespan of your toothbrush if you get frequent colds or infections

2. Spring to that floss & try something new

Do you find it tough to remember to floss every day? You may just need to try a different type of dental floss! Consider these popular variations on traditional floss:

  • Waxed floss: Waxed floss is a commonly used option and comes in a variety of flavors (cinnamon, mint, bubble gum – even surprising flavors, like bacon!).
  • Dental tape: Dental tape is a thin “ribbon” of floss that slides between teeth easily. I especially love Crest Glide Pro-Health.
  • Floss picks: Floss picks are a good option if it’s difficult or painful to open your mouth wide enough to use traditional flossing methods or if you’re on-the-go.

3. Spring into action and visit your favorite dentist and dental hygienist!

As you check things off your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget to make sure you have your family’s dental visits scheduled! Early morning and after-school appointments book up fast throughout the year, so we recommend booking ahead to ensure you get a time that’s convenient for each member of your family.

4. Don’t forget that spring cleaning your routine can get you that summer smile

Now’s the perfect time to talk about whitening options – click here for more information about our Spring Whitening Promo. A freshly whitened smile may be just what you need to feel ready for spring and summer!

Spring is a time for new beginnings

Now is the perfect time to get things back on track with a fresh toothbrush, new floss options, and a dental checkup and cleaning. These quick and easy steps can help you enjoy a healthy smile throughout the season!

I hope this post got you thinking. If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you. If you like what you see, please share with your friends and follow me on Google +, Facebook, or Instagram!

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