Hypnosis at the Dentist?!


What is hypnosis? Experts can't agree but we know that clinical hypnosis has been used in medicine and dentistry for decades as a way to manage pain, anxiety, and enhance healing and reduce post-op complications. Check out the video below to hear about my experience training to perform clinical hypnosis!

What is hypnosis?

Hard to say and even experts can’t quite agree on that one… I like to think of it as the quieting of the conscious mind. Hypnosis can help you achieve a state where you can more readily access your subconscious mind, and then give suggestions to help you visualize what it is you want to accomplish. In this sense, I find hypnosis to be very similar to guided meditation.

Hypnosis has been used with great success for stress reduction, smoking cessation, motivation, and treatment for a lot of mental health issues.

It has also been used in medicine for decades as a pain management tool and to enhance healing by giving the body post-hypnotic suggestions.

And of course, hypnosis is also used in dentistry to help with anxiety, pain management, and healing. But it can also be used to reduce the gag reflex, reduce saliva flow, and stop bleeding.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everyone. It requires an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

My goal is to use these techniques to enhance my day-to-day dentistry and see what happens. I believe that hypnosis will work very well in additional to some tools I currently use, such as laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide). As in any skill, I expect to get better results as I become more practiced. And I am especially excited to see if I can help those patients with a strong gag reflex to have a more enjoyable experience with dentistry.

If you’d like to know more about my own experience with hypnosis, please check out my YouTube video below! What I will say is that hypnosis works – even though I was not in a “trance” so to speak, my experience very successful.

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