My Cavity Game Changer


I've found it - the thing that's going to change the way we treat cavities, especially in children. And I'm SO excited to introduce it at Horizon Dental.


I’ve found it – the thing that’s going to change the way we treat a cavity, especially in children. And I’m SO excited to introduce it at Horizon Dental.

This miracle product is called Silver Diamine Fluoride and I truly believe it’s the answer to many dental problems.

SDF can stop a cavity in it’s tracks and harden the affected tooth surfaces by just applying the liquid. Amazing! The silver ions destroy the bacterial invaders while the fluoride ion stops the tooth structure from softening. This allows natural tooth structure to form on the exposed dentin.

The only downside is that the silver becomes incorporated into the tooth, leaving an ugly dark mark.

HOWEVER – this may just be perfect for the very young and very old.

For young children that have trouble sitting for traditional dental fillings, SDF can buy some time! Maybe even prevent the need for fillings, if all the research holds true. And even if the tooth is darkened or discoloured, it’s going to be replaced in the future by a healthy adult tooth anyways.

For elderly patients suffering from dry mouth that can cause rampant root cavities, or patients with dementia or physical disabilities that make oral hygiene challenging, SDF can prevent dental infections without subjecting patients to long or expensive treatments.

It’s also QUICK and CHEAP! Applications only take 5 minutes and only costs about $30 (on average) – compared to a minimum $100 for a filling. AND no freezing or needles or dental drill required!

Of course, there are some limitations, such as size of the cavity. It’s not enough if you’re missing a large piece of tooth or have an affected nerve. But even so, this is a huge game changer my friends!

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