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A modern and family-focused dental clinic serving the Kamloops community.

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The modern and family-focused dental clinic serving the Kamloops community. Learn more about About Us »

Canada’s New Food Guide and Oral Health

April is National Oral Health Month and I felt it was a great opportunity to celebrate Canada’s new Food Guide, the first re-write since 2007! The foods we choose to eat and how often we eat them have a profound impact on our overall health. Nutrient-rich foods...

Root Canal Treatment – Good or Bad?

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new “documentary” on Netflix called “Root Cause.” This film follows one person’s experience with root canal treatment. While getting a root canal can be a scary thought, I think it’s important to review the science and make an informed decision before you choose an alternative treatment.

Does Having a Cold and Flu Hurt my Teeth?

Cold and flu season is in full swing in Kamloops. Many of us have experienced sleepless nights with a cough that won’t stop, a stuffy head that makes breathing impossible, and a runny nose that has us constantly reaching for tissues. We are all aware of how the common cold and flu can wreak havoc on the body, but did you know how these bugs affect your oral health? Read on to learn how to deal with these issues and protect your teeth.


Hey, I’m as crafty as anyone. Give me a good Do-It-Yourself project and an online tutorial and I’ll make something half-decent or have fun trying! But there is a new trend on the internet that is making all us dentists very nervous – DIY Dentistry.

Living with Diabetes – Considerations for Teeth and Gums

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and there are over 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes today. Diabetes can lead to a wide variety of health problems, but were you aware that it can also put you at risk for dental issues? High blood sugar affects every part of the body, including the teeth and gums.

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