Invisalign is a trusted modern orthodontic technique used to align your teeth without using traditional metal braces.

Computer technology is used to plan the desired tooth movements in advance, and from start to finish during Invisalign treatment. Then, a series of “invisible” clear trays are created with the movements built-in, so that each time your tray is replaced it will guide your teeth in a new way towards the desired result.

In some cases, some adjustments are made to the shape of the teeth, in order to guide the movements. On average, Invisalign still takes between 12- 24 months to complete, and can be supervised by Dr. Nagel at Horizon Dental, or through an orthodontist depending on how complicated your case is.

Invisalign is an excellent choice for adults – it’s easy to keep your teeth clean, reducing the chance of “white spots” or cavities, and the aesthetics are maximized with the “invisible” trays. It will be our secret!


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